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 How much do cellar trap doors cost?
   Prices depend upon size and specification.

 What is the standard?
   Standard External Doorsets are all galvanised with weather resistant closed cell foam "seals". They also
  include stainless steel hinges and latches along with gas struts, which automatically open the door(s)
  to vertical when the latches are tripped - usually from below.
   Standard External Doorsets, sometimes called "Cellar Flaps" or "Beer Drop" doors are pedestrian rated
  and will support the wheel load of a motor vehicle.
   We carry a range of sizes of External Doorsets for a faster availability when existing cellar trap doors are
  damaged or condemned.

   Most opening sizes can be accommodated using a standard 1100mm clear internal frame dimension and
  lengths at 100mm increments using galvanised shuttering plates to infill the extra space when concreting
  them in at installation.

 Are there standard internal doorsets?
   No - as you can not make up the difference with concrete during installation as is the case with the
  External doorsets, each one has to be made specifically to suit each opening.

 Can I have matching floor covering in the top of the door(s)?
   Yes - Up to 15mm thick tiles, timber, carpet or altro etc can be fitted when a Tray Type or recessed
  type door is specified. Each tray type will have welded in Steel mesh to provide a secure fix for your

 Can I have a Glass door?
   Glass is very heavy so we offer a doorset which looks exactly like glass but is only half the weight of glass.
  The material we use is a clear cast acrylic which is 20mm in thickness.

 Is acrylic durable?
   Although acrylic manufactures say that it is scratch resistant we would only recommend a Clear View
  Doorset is specified for a feature and not to be situated in a through fare where it would be subjected to
  external foot ware.

 How large can I specify an internal doorset?
   We would recommend that a doorset which is powered by gas struts, which are similar to those used on
  the tailgate and boot lids of cars etc, is limited to 800mm clear width and 2.4 meters clear length.

   Longer clear lengths can be specified but will need to have electric actuators either with or instead of gas

 How does an electric actuated powered door(s) work?
  By fitting electrically driven "actuators" or pistons with small built in geared motors, the doorset can be
  opened and closed at the touch of a button on a remote handset.

 What differences are their between gas struts and electric actuators?
   Gas struts - Are fast reliable and less expensive to buy / replace but need closing by hand and latching by
  standing on the outside edge of the door. They are also not effected by power cuts, but need to be unlatched
  using a removable Tee handle.

   Electric actuators - Are stronger, slower (up to 30 seconds to open or close) and are more expensive to
  specify / replace. We have found them to be quite reliable.

   Because they are very low geared the door could not be opened in a power cut or if ever it becomes faulty,
  a manual disconnection facility has to be incorporated as a contingency. They are also some what bulkier
  than gas struts.

 Do you export cellar doors?
  Yes, we do export cellar doors to Europe, the United States of America and Australia. Its worth
  Contacting Us about this first though as it may not always be a financially viable option with
  transportation costs.

 What do I need to do to get a price?
   Print out a self survey sheet from this site, either an External, Internal, Skids&Steps or a Chute sheet and fill
  in as much as you can ( Clear opening details are the most important ) and email or fax to our office
  together with a few pictures of what you have existing ( or a drawing of what you plan to have) including
  your location. From that we can give you an ex works price & delivery or delivery and installation cost.

 What is a grille doorset for?
   The secondary door in a Safety Grille Doorset provides an automatic safety barrier when the top door is left
  open. Although designed initially for behind the bar at pubs to protect staff from falls they have become
  widely used to great effect in prevention of falls by children into domestic wine cellars, to customers in
  high street shop basements and workers in a multitude of work places.

   The grille is pedestrian rated and is fitted with a short delay mechanism which can give extra time to
  negotiate steps, but will automatically soft close itself seconds after use.

 Do you do site visits to achieve a cost?
   We prefer in the first instance to estimate the cost based upon information provided by customers. This way
  you can decide if the cost is within your budget.

   In most cases we can work directly from your information and save the additional cost of a site visit.

   If you would rather we surveyed your situation it might increase the price somewhat.